Brewmaster, co-owner, and the brain behind this whole operation. Eddie has been brewing up his creations for over ten years. He never does anything by the book, which is his biggest strength. If you have ever met him, you will definitely think you are his best friend. So does the next guy. And here's a secret- he probably thinks you are his best friend, too. 



Forrest is Mara and Eddie's son. He is often scurrying around the tavern, throwing games on the floor, handing customers napkins, and eating soft pretzels. He is Burnt Timber's mascot, and has been there from the get-go, when it was only Burnt Timber Brewing (he was five weeks old when Burnt Timber Brewing got their license). He even has a beer named after him! Give him a high five if you see him, and ask him to sing you Old MacDonald. You will officially die of cuteness.



Mara is co-owner of the Burnt Timber empire. You might see her running around the tavern, chasing after her toddler, or cracking the whip on employees. She loves cooking, hosting events, and rolling her eyes at people



Peter moved from Alaska to act as Kitchen Manager at Burnt Timber. He is an avid outdoors-man, fermentation guru, award-winning mead maker, and is Mara's brother (his biggest claim to fame). You will see his head bobbing around the kitchen, and if you are lucky, he will take a break from slicing and dicing to tell you a story or two about his Alaskan adventures.



We hope you get the chance for a rare sighting of "the guy with the mohawk." Ian does it all, and does it all well. If you do get a chance to see Ian, tell him, "You're doing a great job." He'll love it. Oh, and he's like, a big deal in the disc-golf world.